Iraqi War 4,000 US casualities

I am in a conundrum when I think of the US military occupation of Iraq.  Yes, I believe we are an occupation force.   We now know definitively that all of President Bush’s advisers, the Pentagon, the CIA told him in advance that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, that he had no Al Qaida terrorist links, and there was no direct link to the events of 9/11.  We now know definitively that Iraq was not a threat to our national security.  We now know that President Bush lied to the American people to promote some other agenda.  (What that other agenda might have been is open for speculation.) These are now historic facts and we have not held President Bush accountable for lying to the American people. 

And while Bush is now saying that it was right to remove Saddam Hussein because he was an evil heinous dictator; these reasons after the bold face lies do not hold water for me.   The cost to America as a result of Bush’s stampede of the American public into a war on false pretenses is our loss of the moral high ground in the world; the trillions of dollars of debt after having record surpluses; a looming recession; and not the least of these the increased suffering of the innocent people of Iraq. 

Al Qaida now has a presence in Iraq where one did not exist before.  Terrorism is a daily living nightmare in Iraq.  Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died since our occupation began.  Where is the morality in our going in to free a people from a dictator? 

My conundrum is this… will leaving Iraq result in a better Iraq?  Or will it create and allow more terror and horror to proliferate?  Will our leaving open the doors for a Taliban type government to form which would be worse than the government we toppled five years ago?  Will leaving improve the lives of the Iraqi people; reduce their suffering?  Is our presence there at this time keeping the nation from experiencing out and out civil war? 

Some have said, that we should leave and allow the Iraqi’s to determine the fate of their own country.   That is what we should have done five years ago.  We should never have interfered with the evolution of another people. Freedom will come to a country from within its people.  It is not something that can be bestowed to another by an outside force.  We have evidence that this is so when we look at every communist regime in the world.  Some have now embraced democracy.  And even though China remains a communist state and there are uprisings in Tibet, the Chinese people have experienced through a form of capitalism some increased freedoms.  The desire for freedom may result in violence but it must be from the people who are not free.  Not from an outside force, who will rightly be seen as an occupying force determined to dictate their will over another people.  Have we learned nothing from Korea and Vietnam?  Evidently not… because here we are caught in the maelstrom of Iraq with either choice being less than desirable.   Either choice ensures the suffering of an innocent people. 

I don’t have an answer.  Imagine that. 

I only know that I want our troops safe. If our troops must be sent into the battlefield then I want them to be used in ways that preserve the integrity of this country.  I feel our president has  degraded our nation’s integrity and the office he holds.   The scars of this current presidency will be difficult to heal.  We have to reflect on these past eight years and learn the lessons that they teach us, including I believe to always hold our president accountable for the atrocities and the benevolence he or she commits in our name.   May our hearts be open to humbly accept the responsibility each of us have played in creating this war and to find the wisdom to empower us to correct the errors of our ways.  Blessings, Rev. Fred L Hammond

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