Lost Tomb of Jesus 1:1600 Odds

A new article on the tomb that some have alleged belonged to Jesus and family has been published.  This story came to public light last year when Discovery Channel aired a documentary on the finding of the tomb and the possibility that the tomb belonged to Jesus, the one called Christ, who Christians claim rose from the dead. 

One of the conclusions of the increased odds for this being the tomb of Jesus is this: “What are the implications for orthodox Christians? ‘It means they should start studying what was meant by resurrection in the first century,’ Dr. Schaberg says. ‘Resurrection is not a simple thing, where the body just stands up and walks out.’ ”

Many orthodox Christians fear that this would rock the very foundation of their faith, should this find be scientifically verified as the tomb of Jesus.  But does it–really?   Does no longer having a resurrection of the physical body of Jesus dismantle to shreds the three year ministry of Jesus? 

Many Unitarian Universalists no longer believe in the resurrection of Jesus or even in an afterlife but they are deeply committed to fulfilling the radical promises of Jesus’ life.   The notion that we could somehow aspire to live life in radical opposition to institutionalized and embedded racism, economic injustice, environmental terrorism, and xenophobia is still as radical today as it was 2000 years ago when Jesus first spoke of it on the Sermon on the Mount.   

If this is the tomb of Jesus, it might mean Christians need to reframe their world view narrative.  Author Brian D. McLaren has written a recent book entitled:  Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope.  In it he proposes that the narrative of Christianity must re-focus more on the life and teachings of Jesus in order to be relevant to the global crises facing the world today.   Such a narrative makes the Christian story more accessible today.  It is not very different from the narrative that many Unitarian Universalists currently espouse. 

To transform the world, to perform acts of Tikkun Olam [the Hebrew for Heal the world] means to relate to the world in a manner that creates justice where there was no justice.  It means to strive towards creating the beloved community that Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned for America 40 years ago and for the world at large.  To seek to implement the teachings of Jesus, his life message, does not require a physically resurrected Jesus, who sits on the right hand of the father.  It never has.   Blessings,


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