The Church of Oprah

This video has received as of this date over 6 million hits. I was recently asked to comment on Oprah’s views of multiple paths to god and what does Unitarian Universalism say about this by WAPT Channel 16 News reporter Megan West. (Unfortunately the link to WAPT News to watch the interview with me is no longer available.) 

Oprah has received some bad press simply for stating she believes that there are multiple paths to god. Our understanding of god is limited. The Buddha tells the story of the 4 blind men and the elephant. The blind men are describing the elephant through their senses. The first blind man says the elephant is like a wall, tall and wide as he touches the elephants side. No says the second man, the elephant is like a tree firmly planted into the ground as he touches the elephants legs. NO shouts the third man, the elephant is like a whip as he attempts to touch the elephants tail, The fourth man shouts, no no, the elephant is like a snake as he touches the elephants trunk.

All four are describing parts of the elephant. They all have a piece of the puzzle that is the elephant. So it is with truth, we each have a piece but not the whole piece. That is why we need community to help us expand on the truth we have. It is also why we need the diversity of reflection, of ideas, so that we can sift through and find how the pieces fit together.

There is no Church of Oprah but in my mind’s view, she is asking the right questions. The answers she has been coming up with seem to be leading her to increase her philanthropy, increase her tolerance of the different, and increase her desire to leave this world a better place because of her life. All wonderful fruits of her life, I would say. Blessings, Rev. Fred L Hammond

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