Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

I have been on vacation and decided to do some day trips to explore Mississippi a bit more.  Yesterday I went to the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge in Brooksville, MS.  I drove up from Ellisville taking the scenic route of route 29 to 15 to 25.  This enabled me to see the rural landscape of MS which was just beautiful with rolling hills, fields, and pine forests.  What I was not anticipating was the gravel roads leading into the refuge from 25.  It did however, increase my anticipation of a wonderful early afternoon in nature. 

I walked the Scattertown trail, a 1.75 mile roundtrip trail in the woods.  The wonders of this trail that I saw included swallowtail and mourning cloak butterflies and deer.  black swallowtail butterflyThose of you who know me, have heard me speak of my childhood rampages through the woods of my grandparents property, where my grandmother introduced me to the wonders of the flora and fauna that grew there.  So to walk through these woods yesterday brought back memories of these walks with my grandmother pointing out to me the great diversity of life that exists around us.

From here I drove to the visitors center and looked over Bluff Lake.  This man-made lake has taken on a beauty that no person could have foreseen.  There are cypress and water-lilies growing with heron, cattle egrets, white wood storks and other birds gracing the lakes edge. 

male red-cockaded woodpeckerI walked the woodpeckers trail in the hopes of catching sight of the now rare red-cockaded woodpecker.  It was the wrong time of day as they tend to be seen at sunrise or sunset when they come out of their nesting spots.  I did see the entrances to their nests in the pines but they are way smarter than I for resting during the hottest time of day. 

There were more trails that I hope one day to explore.  If you decide to go and explore our interconnectness with the web of all life, do perform a body check afterwards as ticks are also plentiful.  I found three of the little buggers on me, two of which had begun to burrow their heads into me so I am now on doxycycline as a preventive measure.  But don’t let ticks deter you from this beauty there is much to appreciate. 

Here is a short video on this wonderful national treasure



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