A partisan view of how it all began

The Gallup people released last month their findings on how many Americans believe in Creationism, the belief that God created the world within the last 10,000 years ago including humans as is versus those who believe that evolution was how it all began millions of years ago.   The results have not changed much over the past 26 years when they began asking these questions.  

“Between 43% and 47% of Americans have agreed during this 26-year time period with the creationist view that God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so. Between 35% and 40% have agreed with the alternative explanation that humans evolved, but with God guiding the process, while 9% to 14% have chosen a pure secularist evolution perspective that humans evolved with no guidance by God.”

What is more, 60% of those identifying as Republican, 40% of those identifying as Independent  and 38% of those who identify as Democrats believe in Creationism.    So we have a partisan view of how it all began. 


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  1. Why are you so caught up with time? What do you think time is? What is a year?

  2. Bill: I am not sure I understand the question or the underlying assumptions behind the question. I reported the information in the format the Gallup poll asked their survey. If they had asked the question differently, for example if they asked “Do you believe the literal story of creation as told in Genesis versus the Big Bang Theory and the resulting evolution of creation.” I would have reported this information in that manner.

    It isn’t the concept of time that caught my attention here. I happen to find the Genesis story of creation to be very compatible metaphorically with evolution. But understand I read the Biblical stories as metaphor not as a literal rendering of events. I also believe that revelation is ongoing and that one of the ways that revelation is ongoing is through the discoveries that science has given us. To refuse to examine the discoveries that science has given us because they offer different conclusions for our religious beliefs is to deny the gift of reason we have been uniquely endowed.

    What caught my attention about this report is couple with the knowledge that America is lagging behind the rest of the world in science and math. A nation that once was first in the field enabling it to travel to the moon is now rejecting that science in favor of a doctrine whose only value is to create a people who will not use nor develop their critical thinking abilities. What do you suppose is the purpose of this?

  3. Cute creationism poster. 🙂

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