What is your ministry?

One of the gifts that living within a Catholic Charismatic lay community gave me was the notion that each of us has a ministry-a sense of purpose in this life.  Not all ministries were life long, some were for a moment in time, or for a season.  But each person had a ministry, some unique way that they would build up community or enhance the life of others or in other words make a difference for their being. 

This outlook changed the way I did my everyday work.  Whether I was a student in a college studying for a degree or working with developmentally disabled or people living with AIDS, my work was a ministry.  It was the context in which my ministry was to take shape. 

What was also evident to me during those days and for the ensuing years, is that we don’t always know consciously, anyway, how we deliver our ministry to others and the impact that it has on others.  Sometimes it is clear to us like when a person  has fallen through the ice and we just happened to be passing by at that exact moment so we save the person.  We have a clear idea of how our presence changed the fate of another.   Yet mostly we may never know or we may find out years later. 

There is the apocryphal story of the young boy who one day cleared out his locker at school and was walking home.  He had difficulty carrying all of his stuff and another boy happened by and offered him a hand by taking some of his stuff.  They walked all the way to his house, chatting about this and that, and in the process became life long friends.  Years later, the boy tells his friend that he had planned to take his life that day and his friend coming by changed all of that in an instant.    Whether true story or not, the message is clear that this young friend had in some way ministered to the hurt and pain the boy had felt.

We each have a ministry that will build up or enhance the world in which we live.  Each of us have this ministry laid out before us and we can choose to be open to the possibilities or we can deny them.  We can an Ebenezer Scrooge in the living of our lives or we can be George Bailey, making a difference in others lives in small apparently insignificant ways that are in the long run profound.  Blessings,

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