Theology of Mary Oliver: Sermon research

I am going to be writing a sermon on the theology of Mary Oliver as she expresses it through her poetry.  If you are new to the poetry of Mary Oliver, her latest book Red Bird is from my humble perspective one of her best collections.  Mary Oliver also spoke as a Ware Lecturer at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in 2006.   She has touched a chord within many Unitarian Universalists that I thought it would be interesting to examine what it is about her poetry and the imbedded theology of her work that appeals to us, Unitarian Universalists. 

I would like to know from you what is your favorite Mary Oliver Poem.  Because of copyright, only list the title in the comment section and if you know the book it was published in mention that as well.   Say a few words about what that poem means to you.  I will in my sermon give credit for all the responses I receive here. And I will post the sermon on my blog as well so y’all can see what I have come up with in looking at her body of work.   Thank you in advance, my dear readers.  Blessings, Serenity Home

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  1. Just one??? I agree with you about Red Bird being one of her best collections, though I didn’t think any collection could surpass Why I Wake Early.

    My favorites:

    “Mindful” – from Why I Wake Early. It eloquently speaks of what I think “right mindfulness” is supposed to be about: bearing witness and being present to this world, right now, not yearning for the past or future.

    “Heavy” – from Thirst. This poem breaks my heart, over and over again, with its subtle evocation of the weight of grief – and how one survives by practicing the balancing of grief in life. Just beautiful.

    “Some Questions You Might Ask” – from House of Light (though I have it in New and Selected Poems). The holy incarnate in nature – why shouldn’t the camel have a soul?

    I look forward to reading your sermon!

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