28 September 2008: Bake Bread to Save the Planet

I am giving a sermon on Sufficiency on Sunday and in my research came across this man:  Satish Kumar.  He is the editor of Resurgence, a magazine dedicated to “raising awareness to the ecological and spiritual issues of our time.”  He has developed a Green Manifesto.  If you click on the link you can watch a short video about this manifesto. 

Anyway, he is promoting what he is calling Slow Sundays.  The first Slow Sunday was held on July 27 2008.  A day where we return to the more simpler days of family time, no shopping or consumerism, a day where we honor each other.  In short, a return to a sabbath rest.  He is also calling for this to be a day of baking bread as a defiant stance to the mass consumerism that has taken over modern global society.   He states that this act would reduce the carbon foot print of families significantly for that day.  It is a simple act.  A small act.  But a profound act that would reconnect people to the earth for our sustanence. 

In my early 20’s I baked bread quite a bit.  I enjoyed the kneeding and rolling of the dough.  It had a rhythmic flow to it.  There was something connective about the process and of course, something magical about watching the dough rise with yeast.  Bread was alive.  It was living food. My favorite bread to make was swedish rye bread.  Its aroma would fill the house with thoughts of well-being and nurturance.   

Satish Kumar is asking that 28 September 2008 be a day for baking bread.  A day to spend time with friends and family doing activities that are not consuming our resources or leaving a carbon foot print.  Its a small act.  But maybe it is always the small acts that bring about the biggest changes, like the butterfly flapping its wings here and causing a hurricane over the atlantic.

I think I will be baking bread in the near future… Blessings,

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