What is going on here?

Readers may have noticed that I have changed yet again the background theme of this blog.  WordPress has a series of pre-programmed theme pages for bloggers.  And when I moved to begin serving the Tuscaloosa, AL congregation I thought it was time to change the backgound theme and to slightly change the title of my blog.  This seemed to work until I added another page and discovered the title no longer fit on the page.  So I found what I thought was a very attractive and classic theme.  It was nice.  It allowed for the title of the blog to be placed in full across the top of the page.  Then I discovered that all of the other pages, including the sermons and the about page, were no where to be found.  So I have changed it again.   I am not sure I like the colors.  But it seems to allow all of the pages to be included, it does not cut off any pictures I have embedded, and the title of the blog is fully displayed.   So for now I will use this one until another option comes along that appeals to the more classic look I was wanting.  Let me know what you think?  And now back to our line of programming… Blessings,

Postscript:  A little education goes a long ways… I discovered how I could get the things I wanted back on my blog page so I have once again… hopefully it does not drive everyone crazy… changed back to the design I really like on WordPress.  Blessings and thanks for your patience as I go through this shedding of skins thing… I feel so reptilian…   LOL

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