Soulforce Equality Rides Coming to AL & MS

Soulforce, the organization seeking to have conservative Christian groups embrace their gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, intersexed, questioning members, is sponsoring another Equality Ride.  They have been quite successful with their previous rides to Christian Colleges and Universities to discuss how they have treated sexual minority students.  This fall they will be coming in October to Heritage Christian University in Florence, AL and Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. 

Soulforce is based on Gandhi’s teachings of non-violence to create change and justice.  I was privileged to have been able to participate in Soulforce’s first event in meeting with Rev. Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg, VA.  It was a powerful event meeting face to face with 200 of Jerry Falwell’s congregation and attending his worship service.  I went back to Lynchburg a few years later and served as a peacekeeper for Lynchburg’s first Gay Pride event.  Having conservative Christians lean up against me and shout in my ear that I was attempting to sexually assault them was a most difficult moment in being silent and resilient in justice work. Being the buffer of their hatred so those who came to celebrate their humanity could do so was well worth it.  We also stood in silent vigil this time outside of Thomas Road Baptist Church on Sunday in prayerful intercession regarding Jerry’s violent accusations of Gays and Lesbians being one of the causes for 9/11. 

While in Lynchburg, I heard first hand how difficult it was to be in the closet at Falwell’s Liberty University.  The anguish the students faced, trying to please their parents by going to a Christian University; trying to discover who they were as a child of God; and knowing that being that person at that campus meant at best expulsion and worst the taking of their life.  The spiritual violence committed is atrocious.  The pain and suffering is incredible. 

The message of Jesus seems so clear to me.  Love one another.  Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  

Those who heap vile hatred against others must not be able to love themselves very much and they also must want to be treated in the same manner.  How very sad.  And after 2000 years, the message of Jesus is still not heard even by those who call out ‘Lord Lord.’




  1. Wow. This is really powerful. I liked this post.

  2. According to Soulforce’s press release for its so-called “equality Ride, “The organizers of the Equality Ride use a collaborative approach, writing to college administrators months in advance and inviting them to work together to design programming that examines diverse points of view — including points of view that affirm gay and transgender students.”

    The point of view that “affirm[s] gay and transgender students” (not sure why “lesbian” was left out here) is one that will not be endorsed by students of Romans 1:26 & 27, if by “affirm,” Soulforce implies any form of concurrence in the deviant sexual practices of lesbians and gay persons. It is one thing to love all of God’s children and entirely another thing to endorse or affirm the Biblically-condemned activities chosen by persons who choose (and it IS a choice!) the gay and lesbian life style. Not that Biblical concepts would find any particular acceptance by Unitarian-Universalists, whose theology is more or less one of believe whatever you want as long as you do not offend the alleged social norms embraced by U-Us.

    [ Big Hoss: Thank you for writing. The word gay has two different meanings. The first is how Soulforce is using it, referring to sexual minorities both male and female and it is generally used to include Gay Men, Lesbians, and Bi-sexuals. The second meaning is how you are using it which when used by the gay community to refer to males, add the qualifyer men. Sexual orientation is not a choice. There have been many studies on very young children who because of deformed at birth male genitalia or of accidents were surgically corrected to be females and then raised in that gender. What was discovered was when the children entered puberty, the chosen gender became conflicted with what the young teen was feeling sexually towards others. Sometimes the child was never told of their parents and doctors decision to assign a gender to them. So you see, sexual orientation is as inate as the color of one’s eyes. It is a very painful, emotionally and spiritually torturous process for gays to seek to conform to a straight persona. When they do submit, they tend to be so repressed in their emotional lives that anger and hatred towards other gays is the only “acceptable” form of expression. And when they can repress their orientation no longer, they do so in self-destructive means, I.e. Rev. Ted Haggard’s scandal. As far as Biblical concepts finding acceptance by Unitarian Universalists, we do accept Biblical concepts. Our faith draws on the wisdom of many world religions including the wisdom of the Hebrews and Christians of days long ago. We believe in using the powers of reason, critical thinking, and the sciences to help us understand the context in which the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures were written. When we do this, we discover that the six verses used to condemn homosexuality do not fit the context in which the words were originally written. Blessings,]

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