A poll for my readers

Up until recently, the only way I had to know if this blog was beneficial in meeting my objective of having a dialog about Unitarian Universalism  and its values in the South was through comments made to individual posts and the statistics of how many hits to entries.  The top five blog entries on this site to date are:  

  1. ICE Raid in Laurel, MS. 
  2. Another Wrongful Execution
  3. Liberal vs Conservative Religion
  4. The Theology of Mary Oliver
  5. What is Truth?  

Those that received the most comments are:

  1. ICE Raid in Laurel, MS
  2. Liberal v Conservative Religion
  3. Covenantal Faith
  4. Universalism- Along a string of tension
  5. What makes US immigration Laws unjust  and HIV Felony Law  (tied in 5th place)

This gives me some insight into what people are most interested in.  But it is still a bit of a guessing game as to how effective I am in having a dialog.  So here is something that may help me that the people at wordpress, who host this blog, have developed.  I look forward to reading your comments and the results of this poll.  Blessings,


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  1. I drop in often. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was the visitor that you wrote about in a past post when you preached at a UU church in Oxford, MS. Since that day, I’ve enjoyed reading your post.

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