Commerical with Transgender Woman

I rarely do two posts in one day but this deserves a wider audience.  Thankyou to colleague and friend Sean Dennison for posting this at his blog.

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  1. I started living as female full-time about a month ago, and this touched me deeply. Maybe we are moving to a world where everyone counts, after all…
    But at the same time, I sort of resent having my experience (I don’t mean my individual experience, just that of a community I’m a part of) used to sell a bank. I don’t know, it just seems to trivialize it in a way–implying that giving your custom to this bank is tantamount to supporting gender-diverse people.

    Lily, I understand the mixed feelings… Thank you for bringing this form of exploitation to the fore. Yet, at the same time, I as a gay man, would want to support businesses that respected and supported who I am. I thought the positive image this commercial portrayed of transgender folk to be more powerful than it’s primary interest of wanting to sell their bank. Imagine the day when businesses would be able to be inclusive without it being such a big deal or mixed with exploitation. Blessings, Fred

  2. That’s true. Regardless of the degree to which the folks behind the commercial were committed to trans equality vs. selling their bank, it still helps. It portrays transgenderism in a positive, accepting light, and the more of that we see, the better.\
    Love, Lily

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