“Oh My God! It’s full of Stars”

This quote is from Arthur C. Clark’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Last night as I walked back to my room, I looked up at the night sky and the stars I saw were amazing.   I am at the Mountain Retreat andLearning Center in Highlands, NC for a SouthEast Unitarian Universalist Minister’s Association meeting. 

Where I live in Alabama, the light pollution is so great that I do not have the vista of the heavens that I remember as a child in rural New York State.  

As a child, I could see very distinctively the milky way wave across the night sky but even from The Mountain where light pollution is less, the milky way was not as bright as I remember.   There is a sense of wonder at all of the universe that has always captured the human spirit since the dawn of human history.  That sense of wonder is being diminished by the light pollution and the dullness of our senses to the natural world around us.  

We are made up of the dust of stars.  Every part of our being has its origins in the stars above us.  It is a testament to the evolving wonder of life.  The expanse of it does not diminish the significance of life on this planet… on the contrary it calls forth the awe and majesty of life and creation expressing itself.  It is wonderous!



  1. Very nice post Fred. I didn’t realize that you were a New Yawker prior to reading it. Or perhaps I did but just plain forgot. In any case it occurs to me that you *could* have named your blog –

    A New York Yankee In Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Backyard 😉

    Here’s a cosmic reminder that our bodies are indeed made of the stuff of stars. If you examine your body a bit more you will find a few more. The ancient Egyptians and alchemists were onto this stuff. . .

    Robin: A New Yawker is someone from New York City… and that ain’t me… 😉

    • OK Fred, I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

  2. http://articles.directorym.com/Light_Pollution_Flagstaff_AZ-r941963-Flagstaff_AZ.html

    Maybe you can get Alabama to spring for some low pollution covers. Scroll down for article text.

    -Gene, member, Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County, OR.

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