You Keep Using that Word

We still do not get it. We have learned nothing.  We who proclaim freedom from sea to shining sea, from purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain, we do not yet understand the meaning of the word.

Freedom does not mean free to impose our will upon others.

Freedom does not mean arrogantly tread on others soil because we want their resources for our own like we have done in the Middle East, Africa, and Central America.  Nor is it found in the exploiting of their workers in sweat shops or taking advantage of their lack of child labor laws or environmental protection laws.  Or taking advantage of an ongoing war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “Our government and a $5 million Citibank loan maintains the rebel presence in the Congo. Their control of mineral rich areas allows western corporations, such as American Mineral Fields, to illegally mine.[i]

This is not freedom.

It is not to topple other’s governments because they no longer serve our desires or bend to our will.

This is not freedom.

Twenty nine times in the last 65 years we have covertly sought to overthrow governments or instigate regime changes where governments did not see eye to eye with American interests. When we succeeded, we thwarted democracy with putting into power ruthless dictators like the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein.  All of these choices backfired on the USA with undesired consequences of untold suffering.  And then we have these countries that we have sought to cause regime changes to our liking:
Italy in 1948,
Syria in 1949,
Iran in 1953,
Guatemala 1954,
Tibet 1955,
Indonesia 1958,
Cuba 1959,
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1960–65,
Iraq 1960–63,
Dominican Republic 1961,
South Vietnam 1963,
Brazil 1964,
Ghana 1966,
Chile 1970–73,
Argentina 1976,
Afghanistan 1979-89,
Turkey 1980,
Poland 1980–81,
Nicaragua 1981–90,
Cambodia 1980–95,
Angola 1980s,
Philippines 1986,
Iraq 1992–96
Afghanistan again 2001,
Iraq again 2002–12,
Gaza Strip 2006,
Somalia 2006–07,
Iran again 2005–present,
Libya 2011,
again Syria 2012-present.

This is not freedom.

Freedom is not do as I say and not as I do.  We condemn the acts of Syria but we committed those same acts in Iraq at Fallujah[ii], and prior to that supported Saddam Hussein in the use of chemical weapons against Iran.  This is not freedom.

It is not to demonize another country’s democratically elected government because they point out the truth about our flaws.  As we did Mohammad Mossadegh of Iran and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
This is not freedom.

All of these actions define another word.