Save Ville Platte Highschool

The US. Department of Justice wants to close Ville Platte Highschool in Lousianna and bus the 400 high schoolers to Pine Prairie, 30 minutes plus away [per google maps via car, school buses would almost certainly double that time].   On the surface this might seem like an economical thing to do, perhaps even the right thing to do. 

However this is a racist move.  Why do I state this?  Consider these demographics.  Ville Platte is a community of over 8,000 people.  Pine Prairie just over 1,000.  Ville Platte is 63.5% black.  Pine Prairie is 87.51% white.   Does this still make sense to make the larger community to be bussed to the smaller white community?  No.  If integration of the schools was the goal then the smaller school should be bussed to the larger school–not the other way around.  This is a matter of racism because integration would be done at the convenience of the smaller white population.

Over 50% of Ville Platte lives in poverty.  Those parents who want to support their students school events will not be able to do so because they have no transportation means to get there. 

The school has been fully renovated to meet the needs of the community.  New science labs, new library, new computers, new gym, new roof have all been done to ensure the students have the best opportunities.   Watch the video. Then decide your next move as a concerned citizen of America.  Blessings,

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