This site will offer the perspectives of a Unitarian Universalist Minister living in the South.  The opinions expressed here will be my own and do not necessarily express the opinions of the congregation that I currently serve in Alabama, or have served in Mississippi,  nor opinions of the Unitarian Universalist Association.   I invite you to leave comments as you will.  My hope in having this blog is to expand the dialog of liberal religious thought in the South particularly in Mississippi and Alabama.   I find it vital to a democracy where religious freedom is honored to have that religious voice to encompass the entire spectrum of religious thought and not just that of one particular flavor.    Enjoy.  Agree.  Disagree.  Leave a comment if you’d like.  I only ask that you honor your own integrity by representing yourself in a manner that your mama would be proud.  In other words, hate speech dishonors the speaker more than its intended target.

In reflecting on how my life serving these two congregations might shape the content of this blog, I have decided that if I were to write on things in the future, that happen in my congregations that it will only be the most positive of lights–I believe my Tailgate Spirituality post does this.  This is not to deny that negative things can ever happen when a group of people gather, they do and they will,  but to bring it here would not serve the purpose of this blog, which is to advance the dialogue of Unitarian Universalism in the South.    Concerns and issues that arise in congregations need to be handled and resolved within the context of the congregation and not in the public eye of cyberspace.    Advancing the dialogue of Unitarian Universalism is not specific to time and place, nor person specific, ours is a universal message that all can experience and benefit from.  These are boundaries that I believe will help preserve the integrity of this blog and will ensure that the dialogue can move forward in a mutually beneficial way.   Blessings, SerenityHome aka Rev. Fred L Hammond

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